project under evaluation


The ADU-11e (Analog Digital Unit) is a HF logger with 8 channels and 128 kHz max. continuous sample rate (2048 Hz lowest).
The system has a single mainboard with all channels integrated and soldered GPS (GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo). The CPU can be a ARM quad core i.MX 64bit.

One of the design aims is to keep the system small and light weight for airborne applications.
The channel configuration shall be 2xE and 6xH sampled via AD7771 (Analog Devices)
3 H channels can be connected to a SHFT-02e or SHFT-03e and the other 3 H channels to a FGS-04e type fluxgate.
GPS data will be written @1Hz for control.

On discussion/evaluation: possible interface to IMU via SPI or USB. AND/OR Sync In <-> Sync Out trigger.

The systems writes standard ats files as well as streamed double data atss (Matlab, Python/Julia NumPy array compatible with JSON data header)