ADU-08e an Introduction

A small presentation ADU-08e_an_Introduction.pdf

Flyer & Brochures

Flyer (quick reference sheets) are here flyer

Download this manual and ALL items

This complete manual can be downloaded from here (choose html_offline) manuals

The manual does not need a apache web server - you can open “index.html” with your firefox (or other).

The manual wants to be installed in “C:\Users\myname\Documents\metronix” or “~/Documents/metronix/” (Linux/Mac) Some apps will try to open this location

S o f t w a r e

Download SOFTWARE from here: software

In the latest folder you should find:

  • procmt_64bit : the official release of ProcMT (processing MT)

  • procmt_experimental_64bit : some test versions for upcoming processing

  • InSituCoilCal : a tool to check and prove the calibration of the MFS coils

  • JobListEditor for ADU-07e and ADu-08e systems

  • Firmware - please ask us!

  • manuals in manuals (hence that some manuals will be outdated)

  • under manuals you also find this html pages in html_offline

  • manuals/flyer flyer, brochures, poster and other promotions

  • … and much more

MT Data

Some free demo data can be found here: MT Data

Public Files

Others like talks, presentations and “unofficial” videos are here: public