BAFA : Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle

Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control

The BAFA is granting a license for exporting our induction coils (MFS), super high frequency triple (SHFT) and the flugates (FGS-03e)

Your Company

The license is granted for

your company AND your address

As a consequence we will ship all orders (also later orders) to excactly this address.
Also return / repair shipments will be made to exactly this address

Your Address

Take the offical way to write your address:

Dr. Einstein
Institute of Geophysics
Main Street 123
Berlin SO 456

office +49 40 12345 22
mobile +49 172 678919

make it short; avoid:

Prof. of Honour Dr. Einstein
Berlin University
Institute of Geophysics (former Laplace Institute)
Block Z
Level 5
Main Street 123
Nearby Hospital
Berlin SO 456
Berlin county

office 0049 (0) 40-12345 (9) ext 22
mobile 0049 (0/1) +/- 172 678919

if something like “Block Z” is needed, it is ok.

We need an institute phone number well as a mobile phone number (which is important at the time of delivery).

For business contacts follow this link please <>