ADU Hardware


  • Webinterface of ADU

  • Job list editor

  • Improved handling of the system using automatic gain detection in conjunction with the joblist editor

  • PROCMT software suite overview

    • Set up a survey

    • Import of data

    • Data processing with pre-programmed processing modules including remote referencing

    • Overview about the other software modules such atsedit, fastfilter, ediplotter, tsplotter etc.


  • Setup of MT site

  • In Situ Coil calibration (later module)

  • Data acquisition according to a pre-programmed joblist on USB key

  • In field evaluation of data quality

  • Data recording

  • Electrode Test

Data processing

  • Data processing of recorded data

  • Fine tuning of PROCMT tips and tricks

  • Data processing of in Situ calibration data (later)

  • Processing of data brought by the users

Questions & Answers

  • Repetition

  • Q&A

  • other