ADU-07e Version6 HTTPS

The Version 6 release is compatible to the ADU-08e.
The XML jobfiles as well as structure of the database are the same as for ADU-08e.
Also the version 6 enables the tablet & mobile phone operation by the Mobile App which was introduced with the ADU-08e.
Version 6 is the last version for ADU-07e, and only updated in case of bugs detected. All previous versions are discontinued.
You need a USB WiFi dongle to use WiFi and / or the tablet. The internal WiFi is off (transmits too much into the box).
You have to login via https remind that!! A dongle which works is the LogiLink .

Download the ADU-07e system software

Documentation for older systems can be found here ADU-07e and older systems


Mobile phone and tablet operation.
Joblists for Insitu Coil Calibration and parallel sensor test.
Hassle free operation with ADU-08e together.

Newer software such as CoilFieldTestTool (for evaluating parallel tests) and InSituCoilCalibrationTool (generate calibration functions with the build in calibration windings and compare with the manufacturers calibration) will only run with V6 software.

Remarks for ADU-07e Systems

ADU-07e Radio Filter




JLE alias

contact resistance


ADU-08e filter





> 3000 Ω

22 pF

same as below




< 3000 Ω

122 pF

470 pF; 3000 RF_1

resistive environment




< 1000 Ω

6822 pF

6800 pF; 1000 RF_2

conductive environment




< 500 Ω

6922 pF

same as above and *BUFFER cables

RF_3 is the default for conductive ground.
RF_4 you only take at very conductive and buffer electrodes (but also RF_3 works here).

RF_1 similar to RF_2
RF_2 is for dry and resistive.

If you set the LP_4Hz low pass filter, take RF_1. The low pass makes sense only when using a fluxgate.
(On ADU-08, if radio filter is in off position (e.g. HF measurement) it will automatically switched to RF_2 when measurement is set to LF).


Selftest Warning for ADU-07

For ADU-07 (without e !) you get at selftest warning :
ADU-07-CON Warning unknown connector type (maybe old Rev. 1.0)
That is interpreted as possible failure because the ADU can not see the possibilty to connect to the coil.
Your ADB error should be “0”.
On the screen shot you see the laboratory situation - no E connected and ADB error 36 - probe resistance out of range - check electrode and cable … no wonder