work in progress


The SHFT-03e is a three axis magnetic field sensor. Compared to the SHFT-02e it has a double “core length”.

The design aim is to have a sensor connecting to the MFS-06e sensor for short AMT measurements.
The other design aim is to extend to lower frequencies for CSAMT, airborne and semi airborne like DESMEX - especially when a UAV is used and the airborne MFS-011e is too heavy.

  • Frequency range from 800 Hz to 60 kHz - natural source

  • Frequency range from 10 Hz to 60 kHz - controlled source

  • 3 sensors in one casing

  • Low noise

  • Small outline

  • Wide operating temperature range from -25° C to +60° C

  • High stability of the sensor´s transfer function

  • Built-in signal amplification and conditioning electronics

  • Automatic sensor detection

  • Automatic transfer of calibration functions

  • Easy field handling