ts_tools is only working on a survey directory structure!

ts_tools can do a lot of conversions but relies on the underlying survey structure
the software tries to find /db/calibration.sql3 inside for safe calibration import (or less save cal/XXXX.txt files).

When simple or unstructured files are imported - at least a good try is possible to create a structured site.


For import old ats files you may need to create a xml file.
The procedure is shown here:
(click to enlarge the video)


On the tab ascii2ats you can import ASCII data AFTER configuring a survey structure in the ats2xml tab.
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You can choose other sensors; “NANOT” is for the case the timeseries are already converted into nano Tesla.


Watch the video to see how to use tscat tab.


tsdiff simply subtracts channels from each other and creates an atsfile containing the difference.
Timeseries may not look exactly the same: they contain self-noise. In case you look at 16384 Hz sample rate data, the timeseries conatain signal and self-noise. The self-noise partly stacks away or can be reduced additionally be remote referencing, where you look at Hx*Hx_r for example.

The major purpose of tsdiff is to easily find abnormal differences of two parallel orientated sensors.