Know Issues & Bugs

Please make sure that you always have installed the latest version!

ADU Client (mobile app)

On older systems with Geode board it can happen that the login takes to long
Typcial the battery button appears read - and entering it you see “0 A” for both battery inputs.
In this case close the app and connect again.

Selftest Crital with old ADU-07

Old systems never upgraded to ADU-07e - will mostly show “selftest critical” and “ADB Error 36”
Since you might operate your system 15 years and more you shouln’t be too much confused.
Check the selftest on the web interface or mobile app.


please report.

Work in Progress


  • ADU stops recording too early at 128Hz (in rare cases)

  • Copy To USB fails sometimes

  • ADU-08e BB boards have eventually problems starting jobs in LF mode

  • ADU sporadically skips jobs, if executed cyclically

  • GPS Position on frontpanel display is incorrect (inside the files position is correct)

  • Flush last filter of digital filter object (data OK but too short)

  • Early stop of 524 kHz recordings

  • ADU skips/stops jobs if time between jobs is smaller than 50s (workaround: make sure that spacing between jobs is a minute)

  • Prevent ADU to write on internal SD card